Eastside Fixer Upper Homes – Simple to Extensive Repairs

Fixer uppers and handyman specials often represent a good way to
get a great deal on a home. As long as you are aware that these homes need work, are prepared to create a realistic budget ahead of time, and remember to leave yourself some financial “wiggle room”, you can have an ideal home for much less than what comparable homes (already in top condition) are selling for.

If you are the type of person who recognizes a “diamond in the rough” you’ll know a great deal when you see one, and will be interested in the FREE House-Hunter Service. This service searches all new listings from all real estate companies, and emails a current list of “Fixer Upper” properties that match your personal home buying criteria in your specified price range.

You to get priority access to the hottest new listings; giving you the competitive edge in finding the best buys before other buyers even know they exist, or what we call the “8 hour decision.”

To request your own, personalized list of the hottest, new fixer upper listings that match your criteria, simply use the form on the right side of this page. Remember, this is an absolutely FREE service, and without obligation.

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